One3snapshot is a community-oriented art & graphic design collective. We make graphic apparel, hand-crafted accessories and produce events.

One3snapshot is founded and anchored by women of diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds who share creative direction and development efforts in collaboration with community artists and volunteers. Our skills and backgrounds combined with the driving force behind our projects: our passion for social change, education, and community mobility has led us to work groups such as the renowned socio-political dance theater and performance company Dance Brigade, its junior company Grrrl Brigade, youth performing arts group Loco Bloco, the Center for Young Women's Development, and San Francisco State University's Prevention Education.

What We Do

  • Curated & selective online marketplace by independent artists and artisans
  • Community event production & party planning
  • Performing Arts Education, Facilitation, Skill-share & performance
  • Custom Art, Illustration and Graphic Design for independent artists, small businesses and non-profits
  • Capture, Document & Support endeavors of art with social change as its essence and/or goal
  • Consultations & Referrals for all of the above