• Image of Terminals @ Mondial Afrique

FRIDAY MAY 15 2015
2430 Broadway, Oakland

Hat. Coat. Bags packed:
May Fly is on the go to points pan-African.
This year, we leave the house. We pack an extra handkerchief to wave goodbye, as the champagne breaks over the hull of May Fly Express, International. Destination: Mondial Afrique.

This year, the party is cruisin'. The party is leaving on a midnight train. This dance is going to boldly go where no man's gone before.
And you're the captain. You're in first class. You're the alpha flight attendant.

No, you're in your spacesuit. In your traveling gown. Your valet drag.
You're going to Dakar. Kingston. Cuba. Lisbon. Port-au-Prince. Lagos. Kinshasa.

Are you in flip-flops? No. You're on the jet in Gucci. You're wearing pressed slacks on a trans-atlantic cruise. You're on the chicken bus in hand-embroidered cotton. Or you're on the Greyhound, when buses were chrome and luggage was cardboard and leather, and 'casual' clothes were still starched. You just picked up your custom-made Ankara and Vintage Lace outfit from the tailor. Loudly in Pidgin, you're telling your partners to check out your new intergalactic low-rider. Purple with little stars. And rocket propulsion.

You look fine, in the sense that means excellent. Now climb aboard May Fly Express, International.

Go wild on the the dance floor with DJ MPENZI + JUAN G {Afrobeatz•Reggae•Soca•Coupé Décalé & More]

About Benefiting Groups

The BlackOUT Collective is a full service Black Direct Action collective, which provides on the ground support, training and the opportunity for deep space visioning in communities that prioritize the liberation of Black people.

BoomShake is a multicultural music and movement community program for all ages run by a collective of community-oriented artists. We are committed to being accessible to communities of color, people of diverse backgrounds, experiences and abilities by providing affordable and sliding-scale music classes and events.